William James Center for Research

The WJCR is a new research center at ISPA-Instituto Universitário under the directorship of Professor Gün Semin.
The WJCR has two thematic groupings, one focusing on fundamental psychological issues and the other on translational psychological issues. The former specializes in cognition and development in a social context and brings a diversity of interlinked research lines. The latter is engaged in health and well-being related issues but also interfaces the applied aspect of their research with investigations of the underlying basic processes.
The structure of the WJCR is designed to facilitate the interaction between these two groups fostering collaborative work and integrated interdisciplinary research.
One of the goals and expectations of the WJCR is to become a European center of excellence for research and training in communication and sociality; cognitive, affective, and developmental processes; and translational psychology.
Following the evaluation of the Portuguese research centers conducted by FCT, we proudly inform that William James Center for Research, was considered excellent.