Isabel Leal


Isabel Leal
Isabel Leal

General Information

Academic Category: 
Full Professor
Scientific-Pedagogical Department : 
Clinical and Health Psychology
Research<br />Unit: 
William James Center for Research
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Biographical note

Psychologist and psychotherapist. PhD in Psychology from the Catholic University of Louvain is since 1983 Professor in ISPA where she has coordinated masters, PhD and post- Doc. She was Director of the School of Pos-Graduate Studies, Vice President of the Scientific Council and is Coordinator of the Research Unit in Health and Psychology (UIPES, R &D).

She developed professional activity in the Ministry of Health, first in the Civil Hospitals in Lisbon and after, in Dr. Alfredo da Costa Maternity where he founded and coordinated the Department of Clinical psychology.

She was Counselor of the the National Commission to fight AIDS, consultant to the project for the promotion of Mental Health in pregnancy and in early childhood of the Directorate-General of Health, President of the Portuguese Society of Health Psychology and President of the jury of the Prix Madalena Barbosa da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, which promotes gender equality.

She has published 168 articles in specialized journals and 41 published books. She has supervised 7 Pos-Doc, 12 PhD theses and 133 Master’s dissertations in Psychology. She received 14 awards and or honors. Between 1984 and 2011, she participated in 18 research projects, 10 of which were coordinated by her. In her professional activities interacted with 218 collaborators in co-authorships of scientific papers.

Research Interests

Gender and Parenthood. Sexuality and Reproduction.


Adjustment, health and well-being in the life cycle.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Filomena Valadão Dias - ISPA- Instituto Universitário
Ana Margarida Cavaleiro - ISPA- Instituto Universitário
Vera Santos Ramos - ISPA- Instituto Universitário
Maja Furlan - ISPA- Instituto Universitário
Mayra Armani - ISPA- Instituto Universitário, co-supervisior
Catarina Barge Ramos - ISPA- Instituto Universitário
Patricia Gouveia - ISPA- Instituto Universitário


2015 - Nuno Nodin - ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2015 - Marta Marques - University of Leiden, co-supervisior

2014- Cláudia Ng Deep, ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2014- Carlos Laranjeira, ISPA- Instituto Universitário, co-supervisor

2014- Pedro Nunes da Costa, Universidade da Beira Interior, co-supervisior

2014 - Sofia freiFrau von Humboldt Dachoroden, ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2012 - Susana Isabel Algarvio de Castro, ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2011 - Hugo Senra, ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2011 – Ana Filipa Pimenta, ISPA- Instituto Universitário

2009 - Tânia Gaspar Sintra dos Santos, Universidade do Porto, co-supervisior

2008 - Cláudia Carvalho, ISPA/ Universidade Nova de Lisboa

2008 - Ivone Patrão, ISPA/ Universidade Nova de Lisboa

2005 - Henrique Pereira, ISPA/ Universidade Nova de Lisboa

2004 - Teresa Pita Botelho, Universidade do Porto