João Daniel


João Daniel
João Daniel

General Information

Academic Category: 
Post-doctoral fellow (FCT)
Research<br />Unit: 
William James Center for Research

Biographical note

João Daniel graduated in Biology (five year degree) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon in 2003, finished a post-graduate program in Probability and Statistics at the same faculty in 2006, and obtained a PhD degree in Psychology, specializing in Ethology, from ISPA- University Institute (ISPA, Lisbon) in 2011.


He started his research career at the Research Unit on Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology (ISPA) in 2004 and since then has published several paper in international peer reviewed journals, such as Social Networks, Child Development and Developmental Psychology.


From 2010 onwards, he has taught undergraduate courses in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, and graduate courses in Research Methods in Psychobiology at ISPA. His teaching experience also includes several short courses in advanced statistical models for Social Network Analysis.

Research Interests

João Daniel’s main research interests are peer relationships and peer influence processes. He is interested in understanding how individuals develop their relationships with peers around them and how these relationships influence and are influenced by individual social development (namely social competence and social understanding). He has tackled some of these questions through the use of statistic models from social network analysis. He is also interested in studying non-human primates’ social behaviour, namely the role of anxiety in mediating post-conflict behaviour.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)