Margarida Gaspar Matos


Margarida Gaspar Matos
Margarida Gaspar Matos

General Information

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Full Professor

Biographical note

Graduated in Clinical Psychologist at ISPA, (in-service training at Hospital Stª Maria, supervisor Prof Dr Bracinha Vieira), Post Graduated studies (Master level) in Educational Psychology at ISPA. Post graduate studies in Human Biology/ Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies at Claude Bernard University (in-service training at Pierre Wertheimer Hospital, supervisor Prof Dr Jean Cottraux). Doctoral degree at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana in the area of Special Educational and Health Needs.
Post doctoral training in the area of health promotion and education at S. Diego State University (Behavioral Medicine) and Queensland University of Technology (Public Health). “Agregação” (Professorship) in the area of International Health at Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical.
She author / co-author more than one hundred scientific papers in ISI journals and more than three hundred other publications. She supervises PhD and Masters students in the area of health, health psychology and health promotion. She has been coordinating several national and international projects in Portugal and is a fellow researcher in several international scientific networks. Her areas of scientific interest are children and adolescents health promotion: individual and contextual resources. This include several health related outcomes such as leisure, substance use, sexual behavior, violence, nutrition, physical activity, mental health and well being, quality of life perception, but alsoindividual resources such as social competences, resilience, self –regulation, entrepeneurship, social engagement, and also contextual factors such as family, school, neighborhood social nets and social cohesion. All this with a focus on young people health. Much of her work is devoted to research and attempts to influence public policies in the referred areas. Finally she is a clinical practitioner CBT oriented at the ULisboa students’ counseling center (GAP/ Ulisboa).

Research Interests

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Diana Frasquilho (Unemployment and mental health), FCT Grant

Francisca Albergaria (Personal and social competences in children)

Isa Figueira (Personal and social competences across generations)

Izabel Baptista (Intervention models in health promotion)

Jaquelina Cruz (Leadership and risk behaviors)

Lúcia Canha (Health lifestyles and mental impairment) - FCT Grant

Maria de Lurdes Andrade (Type 1 Diabetics and healthy lifestyles)

Paulo Gomes (Healthy lifestyles : competence, resilience and savoring) - FCT Grant

Teresa Santos (Health, Quality and chronic diseases in adolescence) FCT Grant

Main colaborations


Centro da Malária e Doenças Tropicais

Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicologia da Saúde

Serviço de Pediatria do Hospital de Sta Maria

Aventura Social: Faculdade de Motricidade Humana



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