A new article published by the director of WJCR, Gun R. Semin, and a number of other international researchers received a very significant worldwide media coverage.
FCT has opened the 2015 individual PhD and Postdoc applications. The William James Center for Research is a new center at ISPA-Instituto Universitário under the directorship of Professor Gün Semin classified as Excellent by FCT. WJCR has two thematic groupings, one focusing on fundamental psychological issues and the other on translational psychological issues. The former specializes in cognition and development in a social context and brings a diversity of interlinked research lines. The latter is engaged in health and well-being related issues but also interfaces the applied aspect of their research with investigations of the underlying basic processes. One of the goals and expectations of the WJCR is to become a European center of excellence for research and training in communication and sociality; cognitive, affective, and developmental processes; and translational Psychology (more information We invite all the candidates interested in applying with WJCR as their institution to send a letter of motivation and CV to before the 15st of April.
A number of Post- Doc (BPD) Fellowships are available at the William James Center for Research (ISPA), funded by Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT). The WJCR is a Center for Psychological Research, determined to enlarge its membership by recruiting young and dynamic researchers who are at the cutting edge of their respective fields and are already visible by their early career achievements. We aim to recruit such young, talented, and dynamic researchers who are dedicated to push the field and are ready to work in a creative and cooperative environment. The Center has received an ‘excellent' rating with 24 out of a possible 25 points in the last round of FCT evaluations.
WCR Events
On January 14th 2015, the new Psychology Laboratory will be inaugurated. This lab is fully equipped with: - equipment to perform computer-driven cognitive tasks, - equipment for psychophysiological tasks (e.g., electromyography, electrooculography, EEG), - systems to capture motion, - advanced equipment to track eye movements, - an olfactometer as well as a deep freezer for sweat, odor, and other biological samples (between -22º and -80º C), - workstations for computer modelling on large data sets and graphics, - an observation room.
Following the evaluation of the Portuguese research centers conducted by FCT, we proudly inform that William James Center for Research, research unit of Psychology based in ISPA, was considered excellent.
António José dos Santos will be one of the Keynote adressers of the 17th European Conference on Developmental Psychology. More information available at:
Margarida Gaspar de Matos will be one of the Keynote adressers of the 5th European Network for Social and Emotional Competence Conference. More information available at:
Research Positions
Gun Semin was award the position of FCT Investigator by FCT Investigator Programme, being the main evaluation criterion is scientific excellence: of the applicant's background, career and of the research proposal.
João Daniel was award the Prize for Best Poster SNIP 2013, by Scientific Committee of Eighth National Symposium on Research in Psychology, which award the work that better stand out for their originality and scientific quality in data presentation in poster format.
PTDC/MHC-PED/3929/2012: Qualidade da vinculação, amizade e auto estima em crianças de idade pré escolar. Neuroendocrine underpinnings of social bonds to parents and peers in preschool children. Oxytocin and Cortisol on adopted children and non-adopted controls”. Fundação Bial.