Health and Well Being research topics

The relationship between reproductive and sexual health and quality of life
The PI of this line of research is Isabel Leal, who directs the aspects of the general thematic line with an action-based research orientation (related to physical, psychological, or social high-risk projects) and is involved in implementing the intervention at a Lisbon Maternity (Maternidade Alfredo da Costa). Furthermore, this line of research is engaged in experimental work in the laboratory, investigating human sexuality and implementing this research to achieve positive quality of life-related outcomes.
Positive aspects of heath and well-being
J. Pais-Ribeiro, who is the PI of this line within the theme, focuses on quantitative and qualitative approaches to well-being, quality of life, and health and adjustment in different populations (children, adolescents, adults, the elderly).
Methodological innovation for translational research
J. Maroco, a well-established specialist in developing measurement techniques and in particular statistical modeling in health- and well-being-related areas, supplies the technical basis for the research in this thematic line.