The regulatory function of feeling states

Principal Investigator

Teresa Garcia-Marques


Ricardo Fonseca

Alexandre Fernandes

Rita Silva

Ines Dias

Cristina Fonseca

Filipe Loureiro

Joana  Melo

Pedro Figueira

Manuel Oliveira




Our aim is the understanding of the role that feelings play on information processing.


Our research addresses questions regarding when and how our subjective experiences (sensations, feelings) become integral to cognitive processing. It approaches emotional and non-emotional feelings in their common features, assuming them to be necessary to processing. Feelings not only inform processing but are also an important piece of the complex activity that is our thinking, resoning and actions.


We current address the assumptions that:

  • Feelings regulate processing (FARM models; Garcia-Marques & Mackie, 2001)
  • Feelings feed judgments (truth judgments)
  • Heuristic Processing occurs at explicit and implicit level
  • Presence of others  directly modulates cognitive processing