Translational Psychology Research

The theme of the “translational psychology research” line is health psychology and well-being, a field that is an aggregate of the fundamental contributions from psychology to the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being.


The research developed entails the prevention and treatment of illness as well as the identification of etiologic and diagnostic correlates of health as well as illness and related dysfunctions. Finally, the application of novel insights in these applied fields has to take into account an analysis of the health-care system and contribute to health-policy formation.


The first step in this general approach involves applying theories that are developed in fundamental research to the psychology of health and well-being. The next step entails identifying issues and problems in an applied context; the final step takes these issues back to the laboratory to investigate the underlying processes, only to take the fundamental insights gained in the laboratory to the field. This three-step cyclic process, namely lab to field and back to lab, is what we refer to as translational research and characterizes the nature of the research we perform in this thematic line.


This thematic line has several active PIs with four research foci in Health and Well Being issues.


Health and Well Being research topics



Isabel Leal



Ana Carvalheira

João Maroco

José Luís Pais Ribeiro

Rui Costa



Filipa Pimenta

Pedro Costa

Teresa Santos

Alexandra Ferreira-Valente

Sofia von Humboldt



Francis Teplitzky

Lisa Matos

Maria Rita Albergaria

Raquel Rosas


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